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Amigen, LLC is a premier Digital Imaging Systems provider headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Our team has fielded successful products for more than 20 years.


Great product development starts with a proper business plan (Costs and Time to Market) and market requirements (Technical Capabilities) and ends with a profitable product line up (Positive Cash Flow). Amigen is driven by 3 principles:

  1. Establish achievable product GOALS that get your customer the tool they need to do their job.
  2. DESIGN leveraging available technology and invent only when it creates a market advantage
  3. Build a MANUFACTURING TEAM of suppliers and production capabilities based on a history of success

Are you stuck in a never-ending development project? We pride ourselves on keeping the train on the track and successful product launches.


Our team of embedded software engineers are experts in what is commonly the most challenging part of every project manager's schedule - software development. We specialize in all facets of imaging system software including hardware interfaces, image processing, and test and verification.

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Hardware design is our other core business. We start with flow-down requirements then select appropriate materials and manufacturing technologies to meet functional, performance and cost targets. Next, we identify technology risks and plan how to alleviate or work around them. Finally, we manage development from proof of concept to production integration. We support all levels of manufacturing from sustained contract manufacture management to OEM sales.

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Ask us about our key manufacturing partners and their capabilities too!



AMP - Video Processing Library

The AMP-VPL is a real-time video processing library on a Linux-based ARM SoC. It is thin, efficient, and integrates well with visible, low-light, and thermal cameras.

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Proprietary Designs

ARM processors and Embedded Linux are the present and future of operating systems. Our proprietary designs will take your products to market faster, saving you time and money. We are experts in NXP iMX8 platforms for the highest reliability products and Allwinner platforms for the most cost-efficient products.

White-Label Vision Systems

COMING SOON! Customizable solutions built on proven platforms. We've done the hard work. Ask us about repackaging and customization!

Fielded products span clip-on weapon sights to head born augmented reality, from security cameras to industrial & safety pistol grip cameras and firefighting TIC's, the Amigen team of experts leverage deep experience in all operating environments.

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