AMP-VPL is our proprietary Linux-based Video Processing Library. The flexible and scalable AMP-VPL facilitates lower power consumption, longer battery life, faster time to market, and ease of update for its users. Using the AMP-VPL allows companies of any size in any industry to access a premier software solution.

Using the AMP-VPL, you can also:

  • Integrate well with visible, low-light & thermal cameras
  • Develop on a x86/x64 PC host and later deploy to target hardware
  • Design for efficiency – Heavy use of hardware acceleration, multi-threading, and SIMD
  • Reduce strain on CPU – All video critical operations can be done in hardware to save time and power
  • Improve flexibility – The pipeline manages hardware and memory resources and schedules the use of SW/HW/SIMD implementations to meet real-time requirements, allowing pipelines to be easily defined and altered with minimal design impact
  • Increase debug logging, tracing, and pipeline visualization (via Graphviz)
  • Incorporate HDF5 source and sink support to enable data analysis and algorithm development
  • Accelerate time-to-market